ProgrammingIn its essence, programming is telling a computer what it is supposed to do. InterEmotion tells a computer what to do for your organisation. This could include a web portal for your customers’ online orders, an application to help you with the support of your organisation’s processes, or software that lets multiple systems communicate with each other. Within InterEmotion, we can offer a wide range of extensive experience in PHP, .NET, and Java.


DatabasesCustomer, product, and order data is saved in a database. The organisation of this data within a database is crucial for processing relevant information from the database. InterEmotion designs databases which model the relevant aspects of your organisation’s processes. InterEmotion also designs Data warehouses. A data warehouse is a specific interior of a database perfect for statistical enquiries of the database. This primarily provides valuable information for the strategic and tactical layers of your organisation.

OracleMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQL

RequirementsPrior to starting any code writing, we obviously need to know exactly what needs to be developed. This is settled with requirements, which document what the system needs to be capable of. It is important to agree on these requirements because past experience and research has shown that poorly defined requirements are the main reason for missed deadlines or even failed projects. Without properly defined requirements it is impossible to test a design. Through tried and tested methods, InterEmotion ensures that the requirements are set up in such a way that your system will be able to meet all of your goals.

What can InterEmotion do for you?

At InterEmotion, we have the ability to offer you complete software projects. From websites with specific functions to administrative systems: you name it, we’ll make it.

InterEmotion can also be used for specific phases of a software development process. This could mean, for example, designing a database, setting up requirements, or developing an application.

You can also hire InterEmotion in order to analyse or make adjustments to your current software.

How can InterEmotion help you?

  • If you have a great idea that needs to be carried out
  • If your current application is not enough and can use an upgrade
  • If you are setting up a large project and you want to complement your team
  • If your project is delayed or the deadline is quickly approaching and your development team needs some reinforcement during the last steps
  • If you need a second opinion

Why InterEmotion?

Customer focused

Being customer focused at InterEmotion means understanding your individual wishes and problems while feeling the drive to fulfil these wishes and solving these problems together.


We set up a clear development process with a number of measurements and milestones prior to starting the project. The progress of your project should never be a mystery to you. We make sure that through communicating openly and planning our projects through tried and tested methods, you will hardly ever be surprised by missed deadlines or excess costs.


  • php
  • dot-net
  • java


  • mysql
  • sql-server
  • oracle


  • html-css-js
  • jquery
  • bootstrap